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Ethnic Swedes are rapidly on the path to becoming a minority in Sweden. It is not a matter of defeatism to state that – it is pure realism. The current government wishes this to be so and the evidence is before our eyes every single day. We can, however, no longer afford to sit idle and wait for a miracle, and our analysis and future strategy must not be based on wishful thinking but cold hard facts. Within the foreseeable future, Swedes will be the largest minority, and the immigrants living in Sweden will be a divided, non-homogenous and fractured entity.

This is not a development we like, so to counteract the bad effects of this we have created Free Sweden. If the Swedish Sweden is to survive we need to look to the future and lay the foundation for future generations to build on. We respect and cherish the deep pact between the dead, the living and those yet to be born.

Free Sweden fulfills two purposes, both for now and for the future. Partly the organization will act as an association for ethnic Swedes (just like any other ethnic association already present in our country), by standing up for the Swedes and working against the growing hostility by ethnic minorities towards everything Swedish. We will be actively lobbying and working for the benefit of ethnic Swedes.

The organization will also work long-term by building networks, purchasing real estate, creating Swedish zones and laying the foundation for an alternative to the failing multicultural state. We grew tired of just talking about how somebody has to do something, and therefore we are now putting on our working gloves, taking a good firm grip on the shovel and we are going to work!

The House of Swedes

An initial goal for the association is to fundraise in order to purchase a large property – a property with enough space for a hall where we can organize regular meetings, lectures and conferences. If we find a large enough space there would also be a café, a gym, a playground and entertainment for the youngest Swedes. And last, but not least, we very much hope for a studio where we can produce radio- and video shows with which we can spread our message.

We are:

  • Free Sweden is an association in support of the Swedes, the Swedish culture and the unique Swedish character. The association is founded on traditional values, with emphasis on nationalism and freedom.
  • Free Sweden is a non-profit organization which stands for law and order, against mob-rule and the infringement of our freedom rights.
  • Free Sweden is not connected to any political party. Whoever shares our vision and supports our statutes is welcome.
  • Free Sweden is non-confessional. Everyone in the association has the right to his own faith, or lack of faith. What we demand from each member, however, is that they respect each other and the different beliefs that our ancestors have held through history.
  • Free Sweden will raise public awareness for the Swedes; monitor political and social development from a traditional national perspective, and aim to work both meta politically, socially and with practical politics.
  • Free Sweden looks to the future and will lay the foundation for future generations to build on. We cherish the deep pact between the dead, the living and those yet to be born.

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